About Us

At 1st Security Bank, we try to build lasting relationships with our customers. From deposits to loan solutions, our friendly staff makes it a priority to work with our customers to find the best solution available.


About Us

We are an independent bank with one location which is 401 Main Street in Roundup, Montana. We are a locally owned and managed independent community bank.

We endeavor to follow our mission which is to serve the financial needs of our community, its businesses, and its citizens, give superior personalized service and deliver our service with a high degree of enthusiasm and professionalism.

At 1st Security Bank, we see ourselves as relationship bankers and aspire to far exceed what is expected in the way of personalized service. We offer and deliver many of the same products and services the larger corporate banks offer only we offer them with advantages only an independent community bank can give.

We are deeply rooted in this community and our success depends on the financial success of our neighbors and friends. We quickly resolve problems that may arise from time to time. Loan applications are usually responded to by the following day and our lending decisions are made right here in our facility. Our customer’s needs and requests are our highest priority.


First Security Bank of Roundup opened for business on September 7, 1971. We have been privileged to serve more and more people over the years and have enjoyed consistent growth. We utilize the latest innovations in banking technology without sacrificing our mission of superior personalized service. Our officers and staff have many years of service with our bank and understand the needs of our customers and are exceptional bankers. We support our surrounding communities as well as our town by supporting our schools, hospital, local governments, and civic organizations. We are proud of our community and feel fortunate to be able to serve this wonderful area. First Security Bank, Roundup, Montana was founded in the fall of 1971 with over 90 stockholders attending the organizational meeting. The first Directors and most active founders were William D. Bianchi, Gerald Kaufman, Otto Stensvad, John D. Armstrong, Jeano Picchioni and Roy Rodeghiero. They wanted a locally owned and operated bank that understood the community and would make decisions based on the needs of the community. The first employees were Bianchi as President, Armstrong as Vice President, Betty Fischer as Cashier, Violet O’Brian as Asst. Cashier, and Tellers Kay Mihalovich and Beatrice Ray. By December of that year they had already grown to $1,809,000 in Assets.  At the annual meeting in January of 1972 they decided to add a couple more Directors. One of them was Harold Isaacs who continues to serve on the board of directors.

The bank grew rapidly that first year and ended 1972 with total assets of $4,292,000. Along the way Central Montana Bancorporation was formed as the Holding company of the bank in 1983 and Central Montana Agency was started to provide insurance products to the bank’s customers. Then, in 1996 our current location was completely remodeled.

We have grown to become a $64,000,000 community bank with no branches that is still locally owned and operated. All 10 of our staff live in the Roundup area and all 6 Directors also live and do business in the area we serve. The Bank continues to operate on the premise of serving our community and providing personalized customer service to our customers.

The town of Roundup is known for “The Big Drive of 89”, a cattle drive from Roundup to Billings that commemorated the Montana Centennial. It remains an area of large cattle ranches and grain farms, but also has a history of coal mining that continues today with Signal Peak Energy operating an underground coal mine near the Musselshell County and Yellowstone County borders. This combination makes an interesting mix of customers and customer needs for the bank to serve. We still consider ourselves to be an Agriculture based community bank, but a growing base of young retail and mine workers with smartphones in their pockets means we also must adapt to new ways of doing business.

Our crystal ball is not clear on where First Security Bank will be in another 50 years, but our goal is to remain a locally owned and operated community bank that believes in and invests in the future of the community we serve. We will continue to provide quality personalized customer service with the idea that helping our customers succeed helps us to succeed as well.

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At 1st Security Bank, we try to build lasting relationships with our customers. From deposits to loan solutions, our friendly staff makes it a priority to work with our customers to find the best solution available.

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